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Kalinga Gold 1.5 SQMM Yellow FR PVC Housing Wire, Length: 90 M


Brand: Kalinga Gold
Product Category: Cables & Wires
Size: 1.5 sq mm
Core: Single Core

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Flexible wires are copper wires with variety of domestic and commercial uses. A common application of copper multicore flexible wires is in Airconditioing systems – both for power as well as signalling. Another common use of flexible wires is in industries for power supply as well as control signalling. Now these muticore flexible wires are available to buy online.

Brand Kalinga Gold
Product Category Cables & Wires
Size 1.5 sq mm
Core 3 Core
Length 90 mtr
Conductor Material Copper
Colour Yellow
Resistance (Max.) per Km at 20° C 13.3 ohm
Material PVC Insulated
Current Rating AC 18 Amp
Thickness of Insulation (Nom.) 0.6 mm
Nominal Thickness of Sheath 0.9 mm
Max. Overall Diameter 9.3 mm
Voltage Drop (DC or Single Phase AC) 31 mV
Voltage Drop (3 Phase AC) 26 mV
Certification IS 694

Additional information

Weight 1.7 g
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 4 cm


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